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Hereunder, you'll find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

How can I create my account and create an ad ?

You can place your ad on the UNIL-EPFL housing portal. You only need to create an account which will allow you to modify or cancel your ad whenever you wish so. Your offer will be accessible to all UNIL and EPFL students. Do not hesitate to contact us would you have any trouble placing the ad.

What criteria are used to moderate announcements ?

Because posting an announcement on our database is open to everyone, we are obliged to refuse to post announcements that state or imply the following:
  • Preference for students of a certain race, nationality or religion (or a refusal to offer housing to students of certain races, nationalities or religions).
  • Rent that is considerably higher than current housing market prices.
  • Announcements that are biased or with sexual connotations.
  • Housing offers not allowing the students to enjoy a totally private area to sleep and work.

How to recognize a scam?

  • It is usually an ad a little too good to be true: accommodation in a great location, beautiful pictures and a cheap rent.
  • When you write the so-called owner or tenant, he answers very kindly that he is abroad for a professional purpose (usually in the UK) and he wants to find a trustworthy person who will take care of his accommodation during his absence.
  • He will send you a form to fill in looking like this:

    FULL NAME__________?
    DATE OF BIRTH:_________?
    MARITAL STATUS__________?
    PRESENT ADDRESS:_____________________
    HOW LONG?___________IF RENTING
    WHY ARE YOU LEAVING your place of Rent__________?
    PASSPORT COPY______________?
    WHEN DO YOU INTEND MOVING IN?______________?
    IF YOU HAVE A PET,______________?
    KIND OF PETS:_____________?
  • He may also mention the name of a third person, a business agent or a rental company that will manage all the formalities in his absence.
  • After several email exchanges, he will tell you he has a last minute problem and that ultimately will not come to make you visit the apartment.
  • He asks you a payment (usually by Western Union) after which he says he will send you the keys of the apartment via express delivery services.
So be carful!
It seems that fraudsters are becoming more inventive and subtle.
So far fraud attempts were mainly apartments but lately more and more scams are for rented rooms.
Beware of offers that seem too interesting and if possible, visit the accommodation before booking or pay a deposit.
If the 1st rental or security deposit is asked, do not pay in Cash and do not send money via Western Union, MoneyGram, etc... and prefer payment through a Swiss bank.
If in doubt, do not hesitate to send us your email exchanges to logement@epfl.ch and we will give our opinion and advice. 
More info:
Website for Swiss prevention of crime
Swiss TV documentary on scams: www.rts.ch/emissions/abe/4732656-arnaques-au-logement-gros-comme-une-maison.html
Website listing scams http://www.arnaques-internet.info/
Advices of a real estate ads' website http://www.immoscout24.ch/IS24Web/Content/Article.aspx?lng=fr&wl=1&cmsaid=3615

Do you have any samples of sublet leases?

What do I need to know about the residence tax?

Students whose residence is outside Switzerland and who are living in Lausanne in order to study must pay a tourist tax of CHF 30.- per month.It is possible to request and exemption from the tourist tax if you receive a scholarship, either Swiss or foreign, or if you have a job on the side for which your taxes are withheld.For landlords, please be aware that you are responsible for collecting and paying the tourist tax to the appropriate fee collecting agency.For more information, please consult the legislation in effect in your commune of residence (in French only):

Are students required to register in the commune/village?

YES: When a foreigner arrives in a Swiss commune, he/she is required to register with a residential address. He/She must go to the community administrative office, present your lease or a community administration form, signed by your landlord, that serves as proof of residence in the commune.
This is mandatory and is required in order to apply for a residence permit.It is also mandatory for you to announce your departure from the commune, whether you are moving to another commune in Switzerland (change of address) or leaving Switzerland definitively (departure announcement).

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